Fuld 3D blød PVC nøglering

Colorful & cute 3D PVC keychains (rubber keychains) are great decoration to have for daily life. You can create any shape any logos that stand for your brand, and they are great marketing tool not just for the person using your keychains, think of the person who notices them. They are efficiently promoting business for you.
JIAN has been producing variety kinds of keychains over decades, soft PVC material enable us to customize vibrant designs with unlimited color options. High quality full 3D PVC keychain is far more attractive because it is the option that customers will not be able to resist adding it to their keys.
● Material: Eco-friendly soft PVC
● Logo: Single-sided 2D, Double-sided 2D, Single-sided 3D, Double-sided 3D, Full 3D
● Color: PMS matching
● Accessory: Wide range of options available